As You Wait

Sometimes God does not direct you straight into your promised land. Like the children of Israel, once in a while, you may find yourself camping at the base of a mountain waiting for further instructions. Coming out of Egypt is the easy part, but waiting to go into Canaan is entirely a different ball game.

Frustrations will come knocking at your door, and if you are not careful, delayed expectations will lead you to make poor decisions. If you are not strong enough you might even find yourself tempted to reject God and pursue whatever might give you temporary satisfaction.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by an uncertain season that lasts longer than you anticipated, you’re not alone. It’s important to remember that your waiting is not wasted. Look for evidence of God’s presence, and look back on what He’s already done. God’s timeline may be different than yours, but His faithfulness doesn’t waver.

Chido Madziko


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