As You Wait

There are times when we might feel like the lonely ship tossed about by the waves on the stormy sea. Back and forth we float without direction, wondering if anyone will ever take any notice. If we are not holding onto hope as our compass, making it to dry land can be impossible.

Which is why we need a true north—a constant focal point that never changes. Wandering through without a compass and hoping you fulfil your God-ordained purpose on this earth can be very challenging. But when you look to God, He will give you the strength and endurance you will ever need. Not only strength to hold on, but enough strength to see you come out of that storm victorious. When you’re tired, His firm arms will scoop you up and breathe fresh life into your dry and weary bones. When you’re too battered to take one more step forward, His wellspring of life rises up and fills you once again. When you’re lost and unsure, His wisdom and insight opens the weary eyes and illuminates the journey ahead.

Be assured: there is no other true north, no other source of strength that will sustain you, or light that will faithfully guide you. Leave behind the world’s answers to your weariness and embrace your true north. God is the only sustainable source and your anchor in all circumstances. May the Lord direct your heart and His strength carry you through your darkest valley when all you want to do is give up.

Chido Madziko

Inspiring You To Standout

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