As You Wait Chido Madziko

Don’t you just hate it when discouragement waltzes in your mind and heart uninvited? I mean you were doing fine; you were motivated, upbeat, positive, confident then boom! This unpleasant, icky feeling of discouragement comes in like a flood unexpectedly.

The enemy comes in our life through our minds when we least expect it, and he will try to bring us down in ways you didn’t think was possible. He will do everything he can to break you and leave you feeling discouraged, worthless and inadequate. However, this is not how God wants for us.

Which is why it is very important to think about what you are thinking about. You cannot leave yourself open to the enemy. The enemy puts these negative thoughts into your brain and wants you to drown in your self-pity. Thoughts have to be filtered out or else they leave you vulnerable to the enemy. You have to be willing to take each thought you have and reject the ones that do not fit into the Word of God. If God wouldn’t agree with it, then it’s to be gone!

Chido Madziko

Inspiring You To Stand Out

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