No matter how hard we try, we can’t convince our hearts that the broken pieces of ourselves are actually okay. We need to be honest, and transparent about how we feel, and God will definitely help us heal. It is actually ok to say you’re not ok. And yes, broken you may be, but there is beauty in your brokenness.

It’s very tempting though, isn’t it?—to just want to hide away when we go through breakups, or denied something we really wanted. When that dream we have been holding onto for so long hoping it will come to fruition soon now seems to be falling apart. It is at those heart-stopping and tear-dropping moments that you must remember, “Broken crayons still colour.”

For you to fully heal, you need to be honest and transparent about how you feel, and God will help you heal. If there’s one thing that I know to be true, it is that God can make even our darkest memories into stories to inspire others.

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  1. “God can make even our darkest memories into stories to inspire others.”
    There is a lot in this line. We have to be “ok” with GOD using us in this way or else our experiences become accusations against GOD of neglect, and instead of gratefulness, we will find ourselves in bitterness. Selfish pride suggests, we didn’t deserve to suffer that way which adds insult to the injury. In our heart of hearts, we will remain angry with GOD and broken, until we begin to understand that the offering of Salvation has come to us at a far greater cost than we could ever pay ourselves and with far greater benefits than we could ever assemble ourselves. Until we understand that everything concerning our own lives was taken care of on the cross, we won’t really have the capacity to have true concern for others. The love experienced through the cross causes us to see the sacrifice of our own lives as our reasonable service.

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